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I'm thrilled to partner with brilliant social enterprise Pivot, to bring you these beautiful hand made brass pieces made by people experiencing homelessness in London.

Years ago I bought a wonderful stacking ring from a market stall in Ibiza, I wear it everyday and it has since become part of my signature style. People always ask me about it, so I decided to see if I could source some to share them with you. All I knew was that it was made in Rajasthan. After a long search I managed to track down a workshop making some similar styles and so have added these and a few others to the collection.

I am careful to work with people who are committed to treating both their people and the planet well.

The artisans that make them are from small, family-run businesses, working with them supports both them, their families and their communities.

 ethical jewellery
made by master artisans in Rajasthan

Pivot designs jewellery that can be made in hostels, bringing part-time, flexible and meaningful employment for those who find it more difficult to access it. Every piece of jewellery bought takes our makers one step closer to their goal of leaving the hostel.

They provide unique creative training programmes for those living in UK hostels. 

Co-created alongside temporary accommodation providers, our pivotal programmes are tailored to improve the experience of those living in temporary accommodation through re-engagement, an increased sense of self-worth and ultimately higher move-on rates from hostels. We do this through taking our Makers through the process of design, marketing and selling jewellery. 

It is our ambition to re-frame hostels from dead-end situations to places of momentum, creativity and opportunity.

In England alone there are 270,000 people living in temporary accommodation.
Their jewellery is designed to alleviate difficulties faced by people who are living in these situations.

As a London Living Wage Employer, they financially and holistically support their Makers through coaching and guidance on how to create swifter pathways out of temporary accommodation.

Since starting in 2020, we’ve worked with 150 people across 15 homelessness services. They are the first ever organisation to take making into hostels in this way.

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