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These sandals are going strong after a full summers wear...

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

image courtesy of Emma Paton

Here's Emma wearing her Adiona suede tie sandals, showing how these custom made sandals are going strong after a full summers wear last year, exactly as I’d hoped when I decided to create simple styles to keep going back to.

The most sustainable things are the things we love and keep wearing.

Made to order means minimal waste, and sourcing luxury leather off-cuts and sample skins helps keep the carbon footprint low. It also means I support my local suppliers, small businesses who in turn support the local economy and community.

There aren’t many of us making shoes in the UK any more, and even fewer making by hand, especially at more affordable prices. Such a shame as there was once a shoemaker in every village and even while I was at college London was peppered with small factories and hand makers.

With Brexit making importing both the components and finished goods expensive and more complicated, and us all realising the impact of shipping things across the world, it was natural for me to focus on trying to make here. It’s hard to find all the things I need, especially when I’m used to designing for big brands with the finances and resources to ship things in from far and wide. But it’s a challenge I’m taking on. 😊

I’d love to hear about any brands and artisans you’ve found and love. Do you find it hard to buy local? Is it something that’s important to you? Drop a comment in the box below...

Emma Paton has a great blog and instagram feed where she champions small brands and shows how to put looks together. follow here here

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